So I went to the Petrolhead Nirvana monthly meet couple of weeks ago but delayed at work so got there very late and missed most of the action.

Did get to meet some nice people though, as at all these car events, and swapped history and war stories with several like-minded people

I'll be back - and earlier next month!!! And I'll see you guys for the Wales and Alpine South roadtrips next year - can't wait!!!

Also noticed that they had a Mitsubishi Meet advertised for this month, so figured I would go take a look, unfortunately there were only three Mitsus there including me (all Red!), but very nice friendly folks and it was good fun chatting with you....


Car on the left is a USA spec LHD Eclipse with lots of goodies and more in process. On the left is a UK spec 3000GT that was super clean, and mine's in the middle.

I guess it was too cold and miserable for the rest of you, or you just didn't know. I'll make sure to post the next one up on GTOOC and GTOUK so everyone knows. No excuses next time.