Mitsubishi GTO Archetypal 1990's Japanese Supercar


Perfect, beautiful rust-free 23 year old Mitsubishi GTO supercar. Due to the return of a health issue, she needs a new home, with someone who will look after her and show her, and every so often take her out for a trackday ! Click here for More photos.....
Just so you know, this is not a beater, boy-racer car. It's a genuine, accident-free original car (except for mostly invisible upgrades). This is destined to be a very rare and valuable supercar in the near future, judging by the rate people are scrapping the rest out there. This is my second one, having owned a 1993 3000GT VR-4 in USA from 1996-2000. Totally reliable, I just fell in love and I've always wanted another one.
The package consists of my car, which is in incredible condition considering her age, with almost no rust, clean MOT by the fussy people at the Council in May, 88k on the clock from new (imported by PO-a collector in 2004) and 4 racks of good original parts to replace most standard wear and tear items and many more which may never be needed, like all drivetrain-shafts/Rr Diff/All Calipers+discs/AC Heater unit/column etc. Worth over 2k market value by themselves. I want these all to go with the car, that way you get a really good deal.
The previous owner/importer spent 10k on her to replace the upholstery with high quality white-on-black custom-made Scottish leather, change the shock absorbers and springs to Tein Coilovers (Japanese standard upgrade path) which are adjustable for height and comfort and some other maintenance tasks.
In the 10 years he had her, he did 8000 miles total and kept her in an air-conditioned heated garage, hence the lack of rust. Her entire history in paperwork is included.

I have had her for just over a year, and she constantly puts a grin on my face every time I drive her, even around London. A very driveable and flexible supercar!
I have personally spent over 10k on her in the last year (Bills to prove), including replacing engine and gearbox, anticipating I was going to keep her till death do us part. You might have seen us at Sporting Bears events or at Castle Combe or at many shows around the country, and she always gets compliments on her appearance and people can't believe she's 23 years old. Looks better than many 5 year old cars.
She has brand new Comp Clutch Street stage 2 (servo-assisted Clutch is std.) a Wideband O2 sensor so you can see exactly how the engine fuel management is performing, a brand new OEM radiator, all belts, thermostat and hoses everywhere. Timing belt&tensioners with water pump was changed with full 60K service last year. Eurospec have been busy...

Being electrically minded I have updated to today's standards everything possible without ruining her original looks. Headlamps are Hella unit upgrades, rear lights are custom LED panel clusters, interior is like new and now has a 7inch Parrot Asteroid Smart android-based head unit which included full Bluetooth connectivity and streaming music, hands-free to 2 phones at same time. includes 128Gb SD card full of mp3s, TomTom UK and entire seamless Europe maps with speed cameras. Rear parking assist fitted.
Full set of brand new MTec Drilled/Grooved upgraded Mk.3 discs just fitted and Ferodo DS2500 front pads fitted last year. Stops perfectly - proven even from 120 at SPA F1 track!

2 separate alarm systems with remotes, one is silent (SMS) with GPS tracker/ locator and disabler. Nothing but the best for my GTO.....
She drives perfectly on original 18 inch Lenso rims, has set of almost new Federal RSR 255/35 Summer tyres, handles like its on rails. No noises, clunks or rattles, nothing needs work, just drive and enjoy! Complete replacement set of 17"BBS rims with excellent All Season/winter tyres negotiable if needed or I can easily sell them. Likewise I have the next set of planned upgrade parts that I am willing to do a package deal on eg. new pair Rob's 13T Hybrid turbos, 560 injectors and Fuel pump upgrade kit with FPR, LCDBC, and some other new parts....
As a classic, insurance offered at 350 up to 1300, former is Collectors car 3k miles restricted, latter is everything included, unlimited trackdays anywhere in Europe, agreed value, replacement, recovery, NCB protection, 15k etc.

I'm gutted now my sciatic issue has returned from many years ago (nothing to do with GTO), and I've been told I need to return to switch to an Automatic so it doesn't get any worse (repetitive left foot movement exascerbates it, whether walking or clutch)

Please Click HERE  for more photos, and phone me to arrange a viewing before someone else does. I guarantee you will not be disappointed !

Good writeup by another new owner from NZ here....

"The sleek coupe wasn't short on power for its time, a large 3000cc V6 engine with two TD-04
turbos, two intercoolers, and four tailpipes all helped the GTO churn out an extremely impressive
206kW, and a monstrous, diesel-like 427Nm of torque at 2700rpm at a measly 7psi of boost. What
this torque equates to is a 1600kg-odd vehicle that can accelerate to 100kmh in 5.5 seconds and run
the quarter mile in 13.8 seconds, which is not bad going for a factory brick."

GTO at the NEC with the Sporting Bears....

So we were at the NEC Classic Car Show last weekend with a buddy, wandered around all day Friday courtesy of the Bears giving us free access, and then back on Saturday to do rides for charity.

Sharing your passion with strangers and raising money for Kids Charities at the same time is a definite win-win !!! 

Facebook Video by Paul Griffiths.

Amazing event... flashbacks to ancient history of English Automobiles..... lying on asphalt under cars fixing them on the side of the road.... Jensen Interceptors, Daimler V8s, Triumphs, Vauxhall Chevettes, Ford Capri 106E...AAARGH!



Mitsubishi meet at Ace Cafe North London....

So I went to the Petrolhead Nirvana monthly meet couple of weeks ago but delayed at work so got there very late and missed most of the action.

Did get to meet some nice people though, as at all these car events, and swapped history and war stories with several like-minded people

I'll be back - and earlier next month!!! And I'll see you guys for the Wales and Alpine South roadtrips next year - can't wait!!!

Also noticed that they had a Mitsubishi Meet advertised for this month, so figured I would go take a look, unfortunately there were only three Mitsus there including me (all Red!), but very nice friendly folks and it was good fun chatting with you....


Car on the left is a USA spec LHD Eclipse with lots of goodies and more in process. On the left is a UK spec 3000GT that was super clean, and mine's in the middle.

I guess it was too cold and miserable for the rest of you, or you just didn't know. I'll make sure to post the next one up on GTOOC and GTOUK so everyone knows. No excuses next time.

Trackday Racing at SPA F1 track...

We just got back from SPA F1 Race track in Francorchamps, Belgium, after a long weekend.

What can I say.... Absolutely astonishingly beautiful surroundings, gorgeous Autumn weather, four 25-minute sessions on Sunday spent pretending to be an F1 driver, what an awesome experience.....



For some Drivers POV Videos in the Photos tab. You can watch me do a 180 on the wet track on cold tyres, and then some good laps on hot tyres until they start to fade and slide in the last session-this is one heavy car....

Bear in mind this wasn't foot to the floor top speed action as there were too many insane overtakers on both sides, most of whom ended up in the Armco at some point (lots of Yellow flags and stoppage time) and we wanted to get home in the same car the next day, so I was taking it easy.

Not that that was disappointing as the track is so challenging and beautiful in the way it drives that I was seriously buzzed after each run.

Let me know if you have any photos of my car on track as that's what I'm missing....

GTO in good company...

We went to Gatwick yesterday to do some rides for Charity with the Sporting Bears Car Club..... found ourselves in some pretty classy company!!!


Several very pretty Supercars were in attendance.....


Some pretty powerful Ferraris... a Lotus Elise.....



a stunning Aston Martin...



Jaguar XKR, and a Subaru Impreza....






My baby was in good company !